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IAPMO #0133

Crating and Pallets
30/34° Plastic Strip
Use a paper tape strip nailer to install these Ballistic NailScrews®.  Used for crates, pallets, and concrete forms, BNS reduces the damage to materials and is a Greener, Environmentally Friendly Approach, allowing materials to be reused.   Be sure to consider the weight of the items to be crated and use large enough BNS.  Harder Woods like Oak, Ash, etc. will increase Pull-Out Resistance of Ballistic NailScrews® dramatically.  Please call if you have questions. « IAPMO #0133
Virginia Tech Multiple Use Classified

3" x .113 Pull-out Resistance into Douglas Fir averaged 573 lbs per BNS and the shear value was 1,289 lbs.

2½" x .120 Pull-out Resistance into Southern Yellow Pine averaged 709 lbs per BNS and the shear value was 1,516 lbs.

Reference: 2006 ICC ES Approved Testing Lab Intertek Report #3100366-001 for Ballistic NailScrews® (BNS)
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