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Foam Boards & Continuous Insulation
15° Wire Coil

YZ Wire Coil

Yellow Zinc is for interior use or dry areas.  « IAPMO #0133 


    PT2000 Flat Head Wire Coil
PT2000® is for exterior use, treated lumber, and damp or wet areas.  « IAPMO #0133 
    Ballistic NailScrews® can be used with Plasti-Grip® CBW (1¾” dia.), CBW2 (2” dia.) or PBLP2 (2” dia.) washers for attaching foam board insulation.  Nose adaptors are available for specific UFO tools which hold the washer in place for rapid & depth controlled installation.
  Foam Boards
2” dia. Plasti-Grip® PBLP2 on EPS Foam

Plasti-Grip® CBW & CBW2 on Thermax® ci
Head adapters available from Rodenhouse
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