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Subfloor, Sheathing, and Shear Walls
20/22° BNS Plastic Strip

YZ Flat Head Plastic Strip
Flat Head NailScrews® YZ coated in 20° Plastic Strip collation for most Framing Nailers.  “Ballistic NailScrews® are permitted to be substituted for the same nailing patterns as 8d common nails (2½” x .131 inch [65 x 3.2 mm]) in 7/16” and 15/32” OSB horizontal diaphragms resisting wind or seismic loads referenced in tables:  IBC 2006 Table 2306.3.1 and IRC 2006 Table R602.3(1).” (IAPMO ES #0133 4.1.1)  Please call or e-mail if you have questions.  « IAPMO #0133
IAPMO #0133  

2¼" is our most popular size with IAPMO Approval for Subfloor and Shear Walls of all kinds.    We also have 2½" and 3" if you really want overkill.   We get asked if the installer can skip the glue if they use Ballistic NailScrews®; the answer in NO—please don't skip the glue.   The good news is the glue will not dry faster than you can drive the Ballistic NailScrews®.  

2¼" x .113 Pull-out Resistance into Southern Yellow Pine averaged 525 lbs per BNS.

Subfloor/Shear Wall Example: Installing a 4' x 8' sheet of OSB on 16" centered joist or studs should take 30-32 Ballistic NailScrews® per sheet to meet code in most USA locations.

Reference:  2006 ICC ES Approved Testing Lab Intertek Report #3100366-001 for Ballistic NailScrews® (BNS)
Using NSD9021 on Plywood
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