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20-22° Plastic Strip Ballistic NailScrew® Driver

Cordless full round head gas framer combines the convenience of a cordless tool with the power and utility of a pneumatic framing nailer.  Features include a no-mar tip and adjustable depth of drive.  This well-balanced framing nailer has the power to complete all of your framing and sheathing job requirements and is perfect for crews who need to un-tether from the hassle of a hose and compressor.  Built with components that ensure all day durability and reliability, the NSDGT9021FRH comes with a Ni-MH battery, battery charger, service tools, and a durable plastic case.

Parts List

Instruction Manual

NSDGT9021FRH Technical Data: Applications:
Collation: 20°/22° Strip Concrete Forms
Capacity: 32 NailScrews® Crating/Pallets
Nail Length: 2" - 3¼" (50 - 82.6 mm) Decking
Fastener Diameter: .113" - .131" (2.87 - 3.3 mm) Fencing
Weight: 8.0 lbs Framing
Length: 14.5" (368 mm) Manufactured Housing
Width: 4.2" (107 mm) Roof Decking
Height: 14.7" (373 mm) Subfloor
Battery: 6 Volt Ni-MH Wood to Steel (12 – 16 ga)
Charger: 2 Hours  
Fuel Cell:  40g Or Other Compatible Fuel  
Mode of Operation: Sequential Trigger Mechanism Only  
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