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NSDPL22130 20/22° Plastic Strip
Multi Blow Ballistic NailScrew® Driver

Point Locator Series
5 Inch YZ Flat Head   

A Multi Blow plastic strip nailer is easy to use.  It is light weight (half the weight of other single shot nailers) and provides a soft rubber grip to prevent fatigue.  It has an aluminum magazine that can hold 25 BNS and enables single hand operation.  The NSDPL22130 allows precise aiming of the NailScrew® tip.  The second handle supplies more balance.

NSDPL22130 Point Locator™ Technical Data:  Applications: 
Capacity: 2 strips of 25 BNS Board Roads
Nail Length: " 5" (90 – 130 mm) Bridge Building
Shank Diameter: .131", .148" & .162" (3.3, 3.8, & 4.1 mm) Crating/Pallets
Operation Pressure: 100 – 120 PSI (6.9 – 8.3 Bar) Heavy Timber Construction
Length: 13" (330 mm) Industrial Flat Roofing
Width: 5" (124.3 mm) Pole Barns
Height: 17" (430 mm) Roofing (see Soprema.com)
Weight: 8.16 lbs (3.7 kg)  
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