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Universal Fastener Outsourcing, LLC (UFO) is an OEM supply chain company with 60+ years experience in the fastener and pneumatic tool industry and a member of STAFDA (Specialty Tool And Fastener Distributor Association), NWPCA (National Wooden Pallet and Container Association), and a Charter Member of NADRA (North American Deck and Railing Association) along with consistently attending Deck Expo/Remodeling Show, IBS, and JLC Live.  Brand Name Products include: UFO Ballistic NailScrews® (BNS)/ PneuScrews®, collated nails (Stainless Steel, Framing, Roofing, Fencing, etc.), special pneumatic tools, collated screws with a primary focus on hidden deck fastening, and bulk fastener products. Sourcing products worldwide, UFO can deliver everything from multiple containers per month, five pallets out of stock, OEM special manufactured tools from ten (10) to ten thousand (10,000) at extremely competitive prices to your door.

UFO is Unique

As an outsourcing company, UFO can coordinate your special orders from our Northwest Arkansas Headquarters including:  creating, designing, customizing, manufacturing, importing, and delivering products.

UFO has Inventiveness and Vision

The UFO family, known for having the most up-to-date knowledge in the fastener industry, will work with you to see that your fastening needs are met on a timely basis.

  Sales Personnel know fasteners, the fastener market, and they know how to work with you.

  The experienced and disciplined operations and accounting team make UFO cost effective.

  The IT Department is on the cutting edge of technology and knows all the trends, which keeps UFO ahead of the curve.   Contact Webmaster e-mail.

Why trust UFO?

UFO is a privately owned company where three of the owners you talk to handle your business, including your questions, fastener and tool designs, order placements, and shipments to your location.

   Professional and knowledgeable personnel!

   Strong opinions and free advice!

   A real person answers the phone!


Our plant is ISO (9001, 16949, & 14001) Registered and has IAPMO Annual Inspections.




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BNS Testing

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