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Crating and Pallets
15° Plastic Sheet Coil

YZ Plastic Sheet Coil

Plastic Sheet Coil 15° for Crate tops (unscrewing the top and reusing the materials is the Greener, Environmentally Friendly approach to crating) and is also good for Metal Applications (12-16 gauges).

NWPCA  Crate & NSDCN75

1¾”, 2”, 2¼", 2½", 3”, and 3½" are our most popular sizes for Crates, Pallets, and Concrete Forms.  "Green" Earth Friendly applications for Ballistic NailScrews® are always welcome!  Folks love to take out the NailScrews® and reuse the materials for other projects, even housing in some countries.  For best results, unscrew the BNS slowly.

Be sure to use a large enough BNS to hold the weight of the crated items, we make 3½" x .131 for the big stuff.

2¼" x .113 Pull-out Resistance into Southern Yellow Pine averaged 525 lbs per BNS and the shear value was 1,218 lbs.

Reference:  2006 ICC ES Approved Testing Lab Intertek Report #3100366-001 for Ballistic NailScrews® (BNS)

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