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  Flat Head Yellow Zinc 30°/34° Plastic Strip Ballistic NailScrews®

Coating: Yellow Zinc for Interior Use or Weatherproof Areas

WC Flat Head YZ Single
Applications Subfloor, Roof Decking, Pallets, Crating, Manufactured Housing, Sheathing, Concrete Forms, Shear Wall, & Engineered Wood Products
Materials/Substrates:  OSB, Plywood, SYP, Oak, Fur, Spruce, and other NON-Treated Lumber
YZ 34 Degree Plastic Strip Lengths Available: 2¼" & 3"
Diameters Available: .113"

The same NailScrew® is also available in:
20°/22° Plastic Strip
15° Plastic Sheet Coil
15° Wire Coil

IRC & IBC for subfloor & shear wall.
See IAPMO Report #0133
IAPMO #0133

Classified as Multiple Use in Virginia Tech Testing for NWPCA for pallets, crates, and other wooden containers.  See Reports.
Compatible Tools:
NSDGT9034 Gas Nailer
Paslode XP Gas
Paslode XP or F325R
Hitachi NR83AA3
Hitachi NR83AA3
Bostitch F33PT
Bostitch F33PT
Paslode Powermaster Pro
Paslode PowerMaster™ Pro
Hitachi NR90GC2
Hitachi NR90GC2
Most other 30°/34° paper strip pneumatic or gas nailers on the market rated according to fastener length, head, and diameter specs.

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